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Boxing / MMA / Wrestling Lighting Packages
Boxing Ring Lighting Rental. Rent a boxing ring lighting package for your fight. Fuller Street Productions is a company that provides the lighting services for the boxing rings! If you need to light a fight, look no further! Lighting systems for your boxing or wrestling ring, can be built in infinite size, design, and effect. Lighting elements include conventional, automated, and LED options for your contest. Make your special event - Special. Some call them lighting rigs, some call them lighting packages, either way you can rent them from Fuller Street Productions based in Southern California. Complete Boxing Ring Lighting Packages. If you need a lighting system, you have come to the right place. Fuller Street Productions easily services Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, and San Diego County!
Ring Lighting Packages

Lighting Rental Boxing Ring Rig

Lighting Rental Boxing and Wrestling Ring

Boxing Ring Lighiting System

Boxing Ring Lighting.

Complete Lighting grids installed inside and outside for boxing events.

This fight was great. The production took place in Ventura, California.

Rent a boxing ring lighting package from Fuller Street Productions.


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  Boxing Ring Lighting Packages :FSPRLP001  

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