About Fuller Street

Fuller Street Productions is your premiere resource for event design, management and execution.

Fuller Street's foremost objective is to provide our clients with an exceptional product that best represents their vision. From monumental touring sets to experiential marketing installations, we've got you covered.

Our Founders

Daniel Smith Production Manager

Daniel's experience in the production business started at birth. Daniel's father, Randy, managed a staging and lighting company during Daniel's formative years lending to his deep connection to the production community. It was a natural fit, when at the age of nineteen Daniel started selling for his father's former employer.

Daniel's love of event production was cemented when at the age of fourteen, his father sat him down at a lighting console and had him run lights for a show with roughly 10,000 audience members.

Now with thirteen years of event sales experience, Daniel, with his partner Brad Cook, manage their own thriving production company, Fuller Street Productions. In his time as an account executive at various companies including his own, Daniel has been responsible for the production of events ranging from worldwide tours to experimental product launches.

Brad Cook Production Designer

Growing up in rock show saturated Southern California exposed Brad to a variety of different bands fostering Brad's love of music and his desire to seek a career in the production industry.

One of Brad's first gigs was as a volunteer for the Noise for the Needy Benefit concert at Chapman University in 1996, after which Brad was offered a job as a stage hand by the staging and lighting company. Building states by day and studying audio engineering by night, Brad's knowledge of the production industry grew until he was promoted to production manager, putting Brad in charge of the equipment and logistical needs of literally every job his employer executed.

With over 16 years of experience, Brad now leads Fuller Street in designing and executing high profile events and installations.

Fuller Street Staff

Becky Lane Accounting Manager

Becky is a mother of four which makes her acutely qualified to tackle the chaotic business of accounting. After four years as a stay at home mom, she was desperate to go back to work, if for no other reason, for the simple joy of adult interaction. With an employment history including office management, reception, accounting, and plate spinning, having Becky join the team was an easy decision.

Cheryl Mounts Social Media, Fashion

Cheryl's chief position is as the social media marketing manager...then we discovered that she was good at fashion sales and coordinating our internship program, so we piled those titles on as well. She joined our team shortly after graduating from CSU Long Beach. With 5+ years of experience, Cheryl knows the ins and outs of producing a successful fashion show. Her ever-present sense of style and fastidious nature make Cheryl an assertive, but charming, presence in the company. We’re way over 140 characters so let’s wrap this up. Working with Cheryl is a pleasure and we're sure you'll think so too!

Bryon Mitchell Entertainment Production, Construction

Bryon (Not Byron!) brings a combined 15 years of experience in both entertainment production and construction. This combination of skills makes for a perfect fit when estimating projects like ours. He has worked in television, film, radio and live event production, so his experience is well rounded. He's known for having knowledge an inch deep but a mile wide.

When not at work Bryon loves to attend music concerts and follow bands like Phish, MMW, Widespread Panic, and Further all over the country doing "market Research" in his words. You can usually catch him tie dying or playing percussion at his house when not at some music festival in the middle of nowhere.

Kevin Sharp Operations Manager

Kevin is the strong silent type unless something goes horribly wrong and then he's the loud yelling type. His totem animal is the tiger and he is a Virgo. For all of you not familiar with astrology or Inuit folklore, Kevin is the the guy that assures things run smoothly around here. Maximum efficiency is Kevin's chess game. Kevin has been working gigs for 16 years intends on continuing to do so for at least 6 more months or until he dies of an anxiety attack.

Rodger McGinnis Account Executive

Rodger is an account executive here at Fuller Street and joins the team with 15 years of sales management and customer service experience. In addition to Rodgers passion for cultivating relationships and managing client accounts, this man loves sports, so if you wanna make sure you get the best deal possible just bribe him with some Dodgers tickets or a six pack. This Long Beach native has been active in youth sports ever since his high school football career. His love of the game and his alma mater, Cypress High School led him to take on a coaching position with the program for which he became a local legend.

Ryan Riddel Lead Carpenter

As one of Fuller Street's newest full-timers, Ryan, fills a very important void in the FS machine. From an early age Ryan worked with his father's construction business building homes and remodels. A big thank you to Papa Rydell for allowing Fuller Street to benefit from Ryan's years of indentured servitude with your company. Ryan's on-the-spot, creative problem solving and aesthetic prowess makes him a bit of a... Wood Wizard™.

Shane Riley Production Manager

Shane joined the team in late 2012. Our first experience with Shane was walking into stage build inspection and finding him leading the crew. Right then, we knew this guy was a maniac (#shaniac) and we needed to do whatever it took to cement his position. Shane's take-charge attitude and sociopathic intelligence make him one of the best production managers in the field.

Stephanie Cegarra Production Assistant

Born in SoCal, Stephanie has always been your typical Cali girl, from playing beach volleyball to shredding the slopes. When she isn't babysitting or reffing college and high school volleyball, you can find her at the nearest venue jamming out to a wide-range of musical artists. She loves helping people out, being outdoors, cold weather and sleep.

Zoe Barnes Therapist

Chris Harvier Warehouse Manager

Chris is one of those guys that makes everyone smile and say things like, "Man, I love that guy," or "are you sending Chris on my gig?" Chris is like Sam Tully from Game of Thrones. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, but he’s killed a white walker! In all seriousness, if it wasn't for Chris, our warehouse would be a disaster. In spite of Ryan's inability to put a tool away, Chris manages to keep us organized and at the ready for whatever last minute challenge comes our way.