Conventional Stage Lighting Rental Inventory

Fuller Street knows the importance of conventional lighting. Our rental stock includes ETC Source Fours, Source Four Pars, Source Four Parnels, as well as Par 46 and Par 20 fixtures.

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ETC Source Four

ETC Source Four

The ultimate theatrical fixture for total control of beam shape and light quality. Source Four uses an HPL Lamp for the light source along with a dichroic reflector, optical-quality lenses, focal adjustment, and a four-blade shutter.

ETC Ellipsoidal Lens
  • 19 Degree
  • 26 Degree
  • 36 Degree
  • 50 Degree
  • 70 Degree
ETC Ellipsoidal Body

ETC Source Four Par

ETC Source Par

An absolutely essential fixture for any event. Source Four Pars provide a beautiful, bright wash of light that can be gelled with color or diffusion. The Source Four Par has 4 interchangeable lenses from very narrow to wide to control beam angle.

  • Very Narrow
  • Narrow
  • Medium
  • Wide

ETC Source Four Parnel

ETC Source Parnel

The ETC Sour Four Parnel takes the awesome performance of the Par and adds the functionality of a fresnel fixture by adding an adjustable lens capable of a 25°-45° angle you can spot or flood as needed.

ProCan Pars

ProCan Pars

ProCan Pars have been a constant in the entertainment industry since their introduction in the 70's. To this day, you're hard pressed to find a production NOT utilizing these iconic fixtures in one capacity or another.

ProCan Par 20

Small but mighty! The Par 20 is an excellent solution for adding a splash of light to a product display or anything else that requires a subtle highlight. Its small profile makes it easy to hide while allowing for a multitude of placement options.

ProCan Par 46

The middle child in the line of ParCans. The Par 46 is the ideal fixture for lighting buffet tables or small stage sets where available power and budget are limited.

Cafe Lighting

Cafe Lighting

The perfect solution for an outdoor wedding reception, anniversary party or other outdoor event. This lighting solution will blanket your event space in a warm, even glow reminiscent of a European street-side cafe.

  • 50ft
  • 100ft
  • Staging
    • Standard Aluminum Staging Decks
    • Round Staging Decks
    • Staging Accessories
  • Stairs
    • Leaner Stairs
    • Wood Stairs
    • Round Stairs
  • Choir Risers
    • Rolling Choir Riser
    • Static Choir Riser
  • Ramps
    • Automobile Ramps
    • Equipment Ramps
  • Truss
    • 12" Medium Duty Truss
    • 20.5" Medium Duty Truss
    • 12" Round Medium Duty Circular Truss
    • Truss Accessories
  • Expo Walls
    • Aluminum Expo Wall
    • Expo Wall Accessories
  • Conventional Lighting
    • ETC Source Four
    • ETC Source Four Par
    • ETC Source Four Parnel
    • ProCan Pars
    • Cafe Lighting
  • LED Lighting
    • LED Lighting Fixtures
    • LED Lighting Accessories