LED Stage Lighting Rental Inventory

LED's impact on the event industry has been nothing short of revolutionary. Between the color changing capability of most LED fixtures and the significant reduction in power consumption, the industry has shifted and the creativity in lighting design has skyrocketed. Use our LED rental stock to design a lighting show to WOW your client.

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LED Lighting Fixtures

LED has become the go to luminaire for lighting interiors with limited power access. LED fixtures have color mixing which eliminates the need for lighting filters. Most of our LED fixtures have on board programming as well as DMX for creating the lighting design that you require.

Chauvet COLORado Wash Fixure
  • 1-Quad Tour
  • 1 Tour
Martin Rush LED Wash Fixture
Color Kinetics Colorblast 12 LED Wash Fixture

LED Lighting Accessories

At some point, you're going to find yourself on showsite in need of one of these items. Let Fuller Street come to the rescue with the odds and ends that can stop a production in its tracks.

Lighting Clamps

We can outfit our LED fixtures with a selection of clamps to best fit the hang point.

Lighting Floor Bases

    Our floor bases have an integrated surrounding for hiding the LED fixture in plain sight.

Lighting Safety Cable

    Safety cables are absolutely necessary when hanging LED fixtures. If your clamp fails, the safety cable is all that is keeping your LED from becoming a potentially deadly projectile.

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