Stairs Rental Inventory

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Leaner Stairs

Leaner stairs require a stage deck or stair landing to be used properly, Leaner Stairs are a great add to a custom stage deck. A combination of rental decking and leaner stairs gives great public access options for the construction industry.

Leaner Stairs with Handrail
  • 3ft - 4ft Adjustable
  • 5ft
  • 6ft

Wood Stairs

Wood stairs a great option for stages that are lower in height. Wood stairs also give a great solid look to a stage set or also work great for public access at a construction site.

Wood Stairs
  • 6in
  • 8in
  • 12in
  • 16in
  • 18in
  • 24in (2 step)
  • 24in (3 step)
High Gloss Wood Stairs

Round Stairs

Round Stairs are often used on the downstage of a stage for audience access or ...

Round Stairs
  • Staging
    • Standard Aluminum Staging Decks
    • Round Staging Decks
    • Staging Accessories
  • Stairs
    • Leaner Stairs
    • Wood Stairs
    • Round Stairs
  • Choir Risers
    • Rolling Choir Riser
    • Static Choir Riser
  • Ramps
    • Automobile Ramps
    • Equipment Ramps
  • Truss
    • 12" Medium Duty Truss
    • 20.5" Medium Duty Truss
    • 12" Round Medium Duty Circular Truss
    • Truss Accessories
  • Expo Walls
    • Aluminum Expo Wall
    • Expo Wall Accessories
  • Conventional Lighting
    • ETC Source Four
    • ETC Source Four Par
    • ETC Source Four Parnel
    • ProCan Pars
    • Cafe Lighting
  • LED Lighting
    • LED Lighting Fixtures
    • LED Lighting Accessories