Angry Birds, Ghostbusters, & Star Trek Movie Promotion


April, 2016


Los Angeles, CA


Terry Hines & Associates


Create an interactive display for the client to promote Angry Birds, Star Trek: Beyond, and Ghostbusters movie releases.

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Event Description

This past April, Fuller Street Productions was given the opportunity to help with promoting the new Angry Birds, Star Trek: Beyond, and Ghostbusters movies. In collaboration with our client, Terry Hines & Associates, we were able to create an amazing interactive display on the streets of Los Angeles, CA.

Terry Hines & Associates is a marketing agency dedicated to creating the most exciting brand promotions. Their largest office is located in Burbank, CA, but the company is spread out all across the country making them accessible to do promotions nationally.

For this event, Fuller Street designed and created a large sling shot for guests to shoot at the villains of the game. This was done with two small truss sticks assembled in a "v-shape" and masked in cloth to match the aesthetic; this interactive piece was secured to the rest of our 20' L x 20' W x 16' H truss structure for stability. The crowd loved getting a turn to shoot the instigating villains!

We also attached a collection of custom printed Angry Birds vinyl banners to the truss grid. The Ghostbusters vinyl banner was attached to the outside of the Angry Birds grid, creating it’s own space for crowds to interact. A black carpet was laid out for the Ecto-1 car to be parked in front, making for a great photo op area. Guests were able to sneak a peak inside the vehicle and trust that they were safe from any ghosts in the immediate area.

Finally, Fuller Street assisted with the Star Trek tent next to the Angry Birds activation. We attached large expo walls on the front entrance, creating a cool hallway which transported the guests into space to discover more about the movie.


  • Designed and built an interactive Angry Birds game.
  • Hung vinyl movie banners to truss structures.
  • Laid a black carpet for Ecto-1, the Ghostbusters car on display for photo ops.
  • Created a hallway out of expo walls at the Star Trek movie activation entrance.