Assault Airbike: 2016 CrossFit Games California Regional


May 13-15, 2016


Del Mar Arena in Del Mar, CA


OOPM Creative


Assist client in creating a booth to showcase Assault Fitness' new Assault Airbike.

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Event Description

Before entering the Del Mar Arena for the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games California Regional, a slew of workout based information booths were lined up for guests to enjoy. Fuller Street was lucky enough to work alongside OOPM Creative on Assault Fitness' booth showcasing their new product, the Assault AirBike. These bikes were created for Crossfit workouts with the athletes in mind. Their booth at the Regionals allowed guests a chance to learn more about how athletes train on these bikes and how they could purchase their own.

For this booth, Fuller Street provided a 10' D x 20' W x 12' H truss structure using black truss for a sleek look. Black Textilene was secured over the top and Assault Fitness banners were hung around the interior walls, providing shade and brand awareness. Two 60" plasma screens were mounted in the booth to the top interior truss in order to demonstrate what the bikes can help you accomplish.


  • Assembled booth structure with black truss.
  • Added black Textilene over the booth for shading.
  • Hung Assault Fitness banners around the interior walls for branding.
  • Mounted 60" plasma screens to booth structure.