28th Annual Campus Couture Fashion Show


May, 2016


Cal State Long Beach, CA


Provide staging and support for fashion show.

(877) 637-8733

Event Description

When we first met the lovely ladies in charge of this event we had absolutely no idea that these coordinators had been working on the event for a year. The fashion program at Cal State University Long Beach has been running the Campus Couture Fashion Show for 28 years now and have completely nailed the routine. From fundraisers to marketing, their hard work was evident and Fuller Street was excited to work with them.

Upon arriving at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, the Fuller Street crew tackled the first task of laying down the beautiful white runway. Each piece of runway had been cut precisely and laid out like a puzzle; this was to accomodate the unique layout the Campus Couture team had in mind.

The stage lighting was designed to focus on the runway and make it look as if it were glowing. After the lighting was installed, two walls were constructed with custom printed Sinatra artwork and two rear projection screens were put in place. The top screen provided a live stream of each model so the audience did not miss a single thing and the bottom screen showcased each designer's brand name. The walls were truly the stars of the stage. The designers, coordinators, models, and professors were all in love with the way they turned out.

As everything came together, it was time for the first of two run-throughs. Fuller Street set up two TV monitors behind the side custom walls so the stage managers could coordinate the flow of models. As show time approached, the Fuller Street team set up two step and repeats in the lobby with a red carpet for the audience to enjoy before and after the show, as well as one outside with a shimmering-gold back drop provided by the show's coordinators.


  • Built stage and runway.
  • Implemented stage lighting to achieve desired effect.
  • Constructed stage back walls.
  • Positioned rear projection screens above stage.
  • Set up backstage TV monitors to coordinate flow of models.
  • Set up step and repeats in the lobby and outdoors.