Dos Equis: Fiesta Old Town 2016


May, 2016


Old Town, San Diego, CA




Build truss structures to display brand decor and cover an outdoor bar and seating area for patrons.

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Event Description

Mirrorball produced another amazing brand activation for Dos Equis at this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. Similar to years past, this celebration was held on the streets of Old Town San Diego and gave way for guests to enjoy delicious food and drink, music, and outdoor games.

Fuller Street was asked to create two large truss structures to cover the bar and seating area. Unique shade sails were placed above the seating structure for the comfort of the guests, fitting in perfectly with the exotic and tropical aesthetic of everything. The beginning of our installation was dampened by rain, but the Fuller Street team slows down for nothing. Quick to find a solution, we covered our lighting fixtures with translucent plastic bags to still provide the desired effect while protecting the gear.

Once settled with the structural aspects of the setup, our team was able to focus on finishing the decor pieces. For decor, we attached the Aztec patterned banners to the two truss grids and the stage truss arch and assisted with setting the furniture in the bar and seating areas.

The rain finally cleared up in the early afternoon and made for a gorgeous evening to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Each picnic table was set up with games for guests to play while enjoying their food and drink. Our creative team even constructed a life-size, Dos Equis branded Kerplunk game for event-goers to compete with their friends.


  • Built truss structures covering the bar and seating areas.
  • Added shade sails to structure for shade and comfort.
  • Installed and weatherproofed lighting fixtures.
  • Added patterned banners for decor.
  • Placed furniture throughout bar and seating areas.
  • Constructed life-size Dos Equis Kerplunk game for event-goers.