Jeep x Centigrade: Film Independent Spirit Awards


February, 2017


Santa Monica, CA




Work with client to produce activation to promote Jeep's 2017 Grand Cherokee sport utility vehicle.

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Event Description

Three decades later, the Film Independent Spirit Awards are back again for another amazing year. Founded in 1984, the Film Independent Spirit Awards recognizes the hardworking and talented actors, actresses, writers, producers, and directors in the independent film community. The event takes place in Santa Monica each year at a beautiful beachfront location.

This year Fuller Street Productions had the amazing opportunity to work with Centigrade, an international marketing agency, to produce a promotional activation for the 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep-branded activation was on display for the event attendees to look at the SUV's new features including the deluxe equipment, refined exterior, superior capabilities.

Fuller Street built a large truss structure with an angled roof, which included interior support and structure using framing and a Set Flat System. The custom cut and painted facade was then attached creating the beach house look the client wanted to achieve. We built a 30'W x 30'D x 4"H sub-floor, including a 25'W x 4'D matte black ADA ramp. Adding the finishing touches, we had a 30'x 30' wood rolled vinyl flooring laid over the sub-floor and we attached wood beams to add to the aesthetic of the booth.

In terms of lighting, we used six ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidals to spotlight certain elements. The key element in this entire activation was the 10'H x 30'W 3mm LED Wall, which a matte artist used to put the Jeep in different environments and added to the backgrounds live during the event.

Assisting Centigrade with the design and making it come to life was one of the best opportunities we could have imagined and we are so proud of the outcome. Can’t wait until the next amazing project with them!


  • Built large truss structure with angled roof.
  • Added interior support and structure using framing and a set flat system.
  • Created a beach house look with custom cut and painted facade.
  • Added sub-floor with wood rolled vinyl flooring.
  • Implemented ADA access ramp.
  • Implemented conventional and LED lighting elements.