Jim Dunlop USA: NAMM SHOW 2017


January 19-23, 2016


Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA


Jim Dunlop USA


Design and create the Dunlop display booth to showcase new musical accessories and gear, instruments, and guest performers.

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Event Description

Jim Dunlop unveiled a variety of different gear that the customers were dying to see at the 2017 NAMM Show. Dunlop is a manufacturer of musical accessories, specializing in effects units. Each year at the NAMM Show, Dunlop provides its customers with new gear and innovations they have been working on all year long. We have been lucky enough to work on Dunlop's NAMM booth for 11 years in a row.

Fuller Street participated in creating and designing the Dunlop booth and displays for their new gear, showcased instruments and performers. Dunlop had over ten new products that were being previewed throughout the convention. Over the span of the tradeshow, numerous artists came to demonstrate the Dunlop gear, including Felix Martin, Nick Johnston, Al Joseph, Mr. Talkbox, to name a few. Various new and returning customers visited the lively booth making it the place to be on the convention floor.

We built a two-story mezzanine display with a VIP lounge on the top level and an office space on the ground level. The sides of the structure was covered in custom printed graphics on panels of sintra highlighting their greatest products. Fuller Street also provided three custom 8'H x 6'W clear displays with stained wood slate background walls lined with LED strip lighting to accentuate the products on display.

Dunlop represents an enthusiastic energy and demonstrated that throughout the long weekend at NAMM. It was such a great experience working with the Jim Dunlop brand once again to create such an amazing booth for the NAMM Show. We can hardly wait to work with the Jim Dunlop team again next year to make their booth bigger and better!


  • Designed and constructed custom trade show display booth.
  • Built a two-story mezzanine display with top-level lounge and ground-level office space.
  • Custom printed graphics panels to cover display booth walls.
  • Assembled custom clear display cases to showcase products and equipment.