Sing It! A YouTube Red Original


June, 2016


Fine Brothers Entertainment and Mandeville Films


Build production stage and platforms.

(877) 637-8733

Event Description

If you haven't heard by now, Google has come out with it's very own paid monthly subscription service, YouTube Red. By being a subscriber, you have access to many perks, among those are access to new members-only original shows and movies from top YouTubers. Sing It!, created by Fine Brothers Entertainment and Mandeville Films, is a 10-episode, half-hour scripted comedy that hilariously mocks singing competition based reality shows, which have become such a focal point of pop culture. Just think of the impact American Idol has had to start this singing competition frenzy.

We had the pleasure to provide them with a custom 3-step stage that was constructed out of brand new Milk Plexiglas so it could also be lit from underneath. Also constructed out of Milk Plexiglas is the judges platform and stage left and right guitar platforms. You can't miss these gorgeous stages in each week's episode. Also supplied by Fuller Street are two 14' W x 13' D matte black seating risers for the "audience," which we assisted with moving during set changeovers during filming. This was such a fun project and we are so thankful to have been a part of it.


  • Constructed a custom 3-step stage with Milk Plexiglas.
  • Constructed judges platform and stage right and left guitar platforms.
  • Supplied matte black seating risers for audience.