TBN 'Better Together' Set


Summer 2018


TBN Studios, Tustin, CA


Trinity Broadcast Network


Collaborate, design and build a television set complete with green room and dressing room.

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Event Description

Designer Brian Scott reached out to Fuller Street with the concept of building a beautiful television set for Trinity Broadcast Network, the largest Christian Television Network in the world. The request was for a studio that was clean, big, and bright while also offering something that rare and unusual for daytime TV. This tall order included a full 360-degree set that can be filmed from all angles with no audience, cameramen, directors, or equipment. This structure also needed to be a semi-permanent set that could remain for the duration of the show.

With a 360-degree set, the challenges of filming and lighting were overcome by setting up remote cameras throughout the set, positioning the crew in a different room altogether and installing a special lighting rig above the set. In order to keep the lighting consistent through the different filming angles, Fuller Street crafted a rotating platform under the actors that rotated simultaneously with the rotating lighting rig above so that there would be no lighting change on the actors.

In terms of the lighting of the set, Brian wanted the visual effect of a Gobo, lighting template used to change texture, to cast patterns on the exterior walls. For this effect to be consistent regardless of the camera angle, Fuller Street artists used a combination of paints, textures, and other techniques to create this thematic display.

For the outer perimeter of the set, the design included white walls, columns, and pillars that when coupled with lighting created a third-dimensional feel. Other elements included custom windows so that LED panels could be changed to different seasons. A fireplace was also embedded with the “Better Together” logo.

Lastly, no studio would be complete without a green room and makeup area for stars and guests. The design included vinyl wrapped walls, frontal lights, mirrors, and cabinets.

This beautiful and elegant television set stands as an example of technical ingenuity and the craftsmanship Fuller Street has a reputation for.


  • Technical design collaboration with designer Brian Scott
  • Fabrication and construction of a semi-permanent 360-degree set
  • Walls hand-painted with various texture, paint, and techniques for Gobo effect
  • Constructed and installed fireplace kit
  • Built and installed green room