Woodstock at Woodbury University


April, 2016


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA


Provide main stage, audio package and lighting system for outdoor musical event.

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Event Description

Every year Woodbury University hosts a hug music festival put on by their ASWU Program Board and Fuller Street has been a part of this event since 2012. This year's event was themed as Camp Woodstock where attendees were able to lounge in folding chairs, have a picnic on the lawn and enjoy the carless feeling that summer camp is all about. The students on campus enjoyed a music festival in a safe environment, allowing them to let go of their school responsibilities and just relax!

Fuller Street was responsible for building the main stage for this event, allowing some the school's most talented musicians perform for their peers. A 24' W x 20' D x 30' H stage was constructed on the lawn and made home to some great shows over the course of the day and night. The 32' W x 20' D OD truss structure set up above the stage provided shade to the bands and held the the majority of our lighting system. Lastly and most importantly, Fuller Street provided the audio package for the musical performances.

As the sun set and the fog machines kicked in, the full lighting design was finally revealed. LED moving lights, static color changing lights, hard edge moving lights and an outdoor laser system drew in a huge crowd and the music had everyone dancing the night away.


  • Constructed main stage for musical perfomances.
  • Built OD truss structure to shade stage and mount lighting system.
  • Provided audio package.
  • Lighting system included LED moving lights, static color changing lights, hard edge moving lights and and outdoor laser system.