A custom set or display can add a unique personal touch to help you send the message you are trying to communicate to your audience. Fuller Street will work with you to design your touring set, theatrical set, brand display, or interactive environment to ensure that your vision is not compromised, and that your expectations are met.

  • Touring Sets
    Touring Sets

    Fuller Street understands the need for a touring set that can be constructed quickly, while still maintaining a look that will be unique to your specific act.

  • Theatrical Sets
    Theatrical Sets

    One of the most important aspects of theater is creating the mood and feel that the script is meant to capture. Fuller Street achieves this by working with your team to provide set design, construction, as well as lighting, to create an environment that is true to life, or out of this world.

  • Brand Displays
    Brand Displays

    With the ever changing world and technology moving as fast as it is, it is more important than ever that your brand makes a statement that is big and bold. Fuller Street has the experience is building custom brand displays and convention booths that stand out amongst competition, and offer interactive solutions for our clients.

  • Interactive Environments
    Interactive Environments

    Interactive environments have become not only become a part of our everyday life, but are now also an integral part of the events world. Fuller Street can help you to build an environment that will reach your audience in a way that will make them feel as they are part of your show or experience.